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Enroll in obedience dog training classes in Florence, MT

Why Obedience? Obedience training plays a huge role in the quality of dog's life, allowing him/her to live a happier life with his/her human family. Obedience training provides a dog with leadership, socialization, communication, and attention.

It provides a clear and consistent line of communication between you and your dog. Obedience training sets the foundation for a healthy relationship between you and your dog as well as helping to prevent behavioral problems from arising.

You can choose from several obedience dog training classes. There are three levels of difficulty:

  • Leash Control: teaches basic manners while on a leash. Perfect for those that would like their dogs to properly walk on a leash without pulling.
  • Basic Obedience: will teach your dog manners and all basic obedience commands on leash.
  • Intermediate Obedience: will give you control of your dog under heavy distractions when your dog is on leash, off leash under limited distractions, as well as holding the commands from a distance with the leash dropped.
  • Elite Obedience: will give you control of the dog whether on or off leash. All of the Basic and Advanced Obedience commands are taught on leash under high distractions. Your dog will learn to work off leash under limited distractions as well as preform commands from a distance.

  • Environmental Training: assists dog owners in exposing their pets to new, outside the home, situations and locations in order to help prevent unwanted behaviors such as fear, aggression, or other erratic behaviors. Our environmental training includes: Indoors/Public Buildings, Outdoor public settings, Encounters with other animals, Traffic and public transportation, Desensitization to loud noises, Desensitization to surprising situations. We only provide environmental training to our obedience clients.

    Ask us about our leash training and obedience classes now by calling 406-207-4662.

  • Help your dog adapt

    Many of our clients come to us for environmental training. This process helps dog owners expose their pets to new situations and locations. This can help them feel comfortable outside of the home and avoid fear and aggression. They'll be familiarized with indoor and outdoor public spaces, encounters with other animals, traffic and public transportation, loud noises and surprising situations.

    We only provide environmental training to our current obedience clients to make sure that all of our animals are safe. We are currently only offering training by weekly lessons. Schedule obedience dog training in Florence, MT today.