Prepare Your Dog for Their Job

Start with tactical dog training in Florence, MT

Here at Sharp K9s, when we talk tactical trailing we're talking about hunting humans. Hunting humans on high-risk manhunts or hunting humans that are actively evading capture.

We want to bring the unmatched sensor of the K9 nose to bear on the hunted, with adroitness and skill, in order to gain advantage and maximize the probability of capture. The better the K9 Handler can read his/her K9 the more advantage is gained by the tactical team and the more force protection is achieved.

Our program teaches the handler to interpret K9 body language in a tactical environment, as well as, instructing the tactical team in tactical decision making, small unit leadership, and patrolling tactics/techniques/procedures. This training is designed for Law Enforcement and Military MPCs

Tactical dog training will teach your dog how to track down humans on high-risk manhunts. They'll become more obedient, disciplined and focused. This can help your entire team work more efficiently and safely, ultimately benefitting your community through your work. Visit our facility in Florence, MT today to learn more about our programs.

Humans need to feel comfortable working with dogs, as well

Tactical dog training isn't just for canines. Our program is designed to teach handlers valuable skills, as well. You and your dog are a team. You'll need to work together to make decisions. That means that you need to know how to interpret canine body language in a tactical environment. We can teach your entire tactical team canine patrolling techniques and procedures that they'll use in the field.

Find out how working dog training can benefit your team now by speaking with an expert. We train dogs and their handlers throughout Florence, MT. 406-207-4662