Tracking Is an Art

Read about tracking training for dogs in Florence, MT

If you have the means and motive, we will provide you with the opportunity to learn

the operational art and science behind Tracking/Trailing with a K9. No other discipline in the working K9 world requires more from the K9, Handler, or the K9/Handler Team.

Our program starts with the very basics (Trailing Imprinting, Scent theory, Leash handling, Trailing equipment, K9 Body language, Environmental impacts, Wilderness trailing), and progresses through tiered training (Distractions, age/distance/turns/obstacles, Surface transitions, Suburban/Urban trailing) in order to build and produce a rock solid K9 team. No shortcuts; no gimmicks, only hard work is promised. Age of the trail and length of the trail don't matter if you can't read your dog. Our training, education, and experience working Tracking/Trailing K9s gives us the professional credibility that very few trainers possess.

Sharp K9s offers intensive tracking training for dogs in Florence, MT. Our goal is to teach your dog to pick up scent trails, stay focused in the face of distractions and handle a wide variety of situations. You and your canine partner will train together, learning each other's body language. You'll improve your skills while working with your dog. Sign up for one of our classes on trailing training for dogs now. 406-207-4662

Discover the elements that go into training

There are several skills that you and your dog need to work on. Our team will teach you concepts like:

  • Trailing imprinting
  • Scent theory
  • Leash handling
  • Environmental impacts
  • Wilderness trailing
  • Suburban and urban trailing

Plus, you'll become familiar with training equipment and techniques, while your dog learns to manage surface transitions, distances and obstacles. Learn more about tracking training for dogs in Florence, MT now.